Help Terry and Kimberly Raise Awareness about Drowning
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Help Terry and Kimberly Raise Awareness about Drowning
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As many of you know, Terry and I have experienced a loss through drowning. It is the number one cause of child deaths under the age of 4. 15 children have lost thier lives this year and its only April. We have been overwraught by grief and always will be. Its been three years and its time to celebrate Camilla's life and make a difference in the world of others. Through the pain, I started running. I just wanted to feel free again. Terry started coming to bootcamp with me and exercise has lead us both to healing. We have been searching for a way to get involved and as often happens, the universe brought us the answer. As an Athlete Ambassador for Colin's Hope, we will be able to contiue our healing and support a great organization. Terry wrangled a group of us to do the Spartan Race and its this Sunday. We have been training for 3 months and need your help. Please donate in honor of Camilla and her beautiful life. Many children can be saved if we spread the word about water safety and swimmimg lessons. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts, Kimberly and Terry

ABOUT 2016 Colin's Hope Athlete Ambassador Program
Name Date Amount Comments
Beth Lasita 05/09/2016 $100.00  
Jennifer Baker 04/24/2016 $75.00  
Melissa Slocum 04/23/2016 $20.00 Love you guys!
Sharon Murphree 04/23/2016 $200.00 Miss Camilla and will love her always. Aunt Sharon
Kareen James 04/23/2016 $50.00  
Terry Fenner 04/23/2016 $100.00 Always remembered, Always loved, Always with us.
Terry Fenner 04/23/2016 $50.00 I love Camilla more than anything!!!!!!!!!
Kimberly Murphree 04/22/2016 $100.00  
Tricia Boudreaux 04/22/2016 $50.00 Camilla will forever be remembered by me.
Gale Brom 04/22/2016 $50.00 Always remembering sweet little Camilla.
  Total $795.00