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Hi Friends,

Thank you for checking out my page. I am working on raising awareness for Drowning Prevention and am using my hike of Mt Kilimanjaro in Africa as an event to raise awareness and some much needed funds to help with our cause. 

I am Chad, I am Aquaman, I am the Drowning Prevention Superhero- raising awareness and funds to prevent drowning WHILE climbing a GIANT mountain

A llttle about me: 

I own a swimming pool service and repair company in Arizona named Aquaman Pools, LLC and enjoy hiing and running in our beautiful state. I am headed to Africa in September to conquer Mt Kilimanjaro and am taking my message of drowning prevention with me. Our website is if you would like a bit more info about us. 

Drowning is the #1 Cause of unintentional injury related death for children under 5 and a leading cuse for ages 1-14, yet drowning is preventable

Ariona has already lost dozens of children to FATAL, PREVENTABLE Drowning this year, while 5x as many have survived a non-fatal drowning. That number should be ZERO!

What does Colin's Hope do with the funds raised?   Colin's Hope uses the funds raised by Athlete Ambassadors to educate parents/caregivers and children to be safer aorund the water all year round through proven progams. They distribute 75,000 water safety education cards each year, sponsor swim lessons and water safety education lessons, stock life jacket loaner stations and serve in leadership positions locally, state and nationwide. The work that Colin's Hope does ABSOLUTELY saves lives, changes behaviors to be safer around water and prevents drownings. If we continue this work, we CAN END DROWNING.

How can YOU help?     

1) I invite you to be part of my team, join this journey to prevent drowning. It's easy..I'll hike and climb all the miles. You can cheer me on and if you are able, make a donation of any amount to support Colin's Hope. Together, we will do this in honor of Colin and all of the children lost to a fatal drowning and those who have survived a non-fatal drowning and their families who courageously work every day to prevent drowning so that no familiy will have to experience what they have experienced. It will take ALL of US to change the culture of water safety. I dream of a day when kids learn about water safety when they learn not to touch the stove or to wear a seatbelt or to stop, drop and roll. I know we can get there if we work together. 

2) Remember that DROWNING IS Fast. Silent. AND Preventable. And please tell your family and friends.

3) Please Become a Water Guardian. Take and share the Colin's Hope Water Safety Quiz at

Hand over heart thank you for your support!

As Colin used to say- Have the Best Day Ever!

Thank you!


ABOUT 2019 Athlete Ambassador Program
Name Date Amount Comments
Jerod Raisch 09/05/2019 $100.00 Great cause, and thanks for helping with childrens safety! It looks like you are going into the climb well trained... Crush it!
  Total $100.00