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While 2020 has been a challenging year for all of us, I continue to regroup and attempt to find the positive.  (Yes, I have had to regroup a few times!) :-)  However, I have always been a huge fan and follower of the Colins Hope Organization.  Colins Hope's mission is to provide water safety awareness, education and resources to prevent children from drowning.

Every year one of their annual fundraisers is to coordinate an open water swim in Austin, Texas.  Solo swimmers and teams of 2-3 particpate to swim a 10K in one afternoon.  Since I am on the "slower" end of the swimming spectrum, I have always felt that I would not be able to complete the distance in time.

This year, Colins Hope has set up a virtual participation fundraiser.  I have commited to complete a10K of my own over the coming weeks to support this amazing organization. I have until September 1 to complete.  

Please consider supporting me in my "virtual swim" for the Colin's Hope Got2Swim fundraising event.  To learn more about this awesome organization, pls visit https://colinshope.org.

Thank you so much for your support!


ABOUT 2020 Got2Swim
Name Date Amount Comments
veronica schleiss 08/19/2020 $50.00 great cause. Have fun!!
Hal Cone 08/17/2020 $51.80 Have fun on your run! Dad
Jeff Booth 08/17/2020 $54.13 Good luck
Barbara Smith 08/17/2020 $51.80 miss swimming with you!
Scott Cone 08/17/2020 $51.80 “Swimming is simply moving meditation.” ― Cesar Nikko Caharian
Teri Hackathorn 08/16/2020 $154.79  
Julie Herron 08/16/2020 $80.00 Go Teri!
Cassandra Arendt 08/05/2020 $26.00  
Todd Hart 08/04/2020 $52.34  
Terri Hackathorn 08/03/2020 $51.80  
  Total $624.46  
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