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Molly Lewen's Fundraising Page
ABOUT 2020 Got2Swim
Name Date Amount Comments
Amy Fleischer 07/09/2020 $37.96 Way to go Molly!
TIMOTHY Skelly 07/09/2020 $26.06 Way to go Molly!!
Molly Lewen 07/08/2020 $75.00  
Kris & Mike Fay 07/07/2020 $100.00 You've got this Molly!! Cheering you on from afar!
Brandi Furbush 06/30/2020 $50.00 Yay Molly!
Bill Curran 06/25/2020 $155.00 Such a worthy cause!
Shanley Vetter 06/18/2020 $30.00 What a great cause - Go Molly!!
Lady K 06/15/2020 $51.80 My pleasure to support such a very, very important cause in the community, near and far. So excited you are participating in this event Molly. With you all the way young lady!! :)
Nancy Lewen 06/15/2020 $515.24 Go, Molly!
  Total $1,041.06  
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