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When 4 year old Colin Holst had a particularly good day he would tell his family and friends, “Best Day Ever!” In his short time here, that became his mantra.  At the age of 4, Colin died. In 2008 his family started Colin’s Hope to bring awareness to children drowning.  https://www.colinshope.org/about-us/colins-story/

To raise funds for the programs Colin’s Hope provides, they host a 6 mile open water swim. In 2017 I was a water guardian for Taline’s 6 mile swim.  I kayaked along side her and got to see stories of the children that have drowned.  That day the Colin’s Hope team had banners with the kids pictures and stories that had drowned.   All of us picked kids to swim for.  It was a pretty moving day.

It makes me sad that these lives were cut so short.  I am grateful that Colin’s Hope is here to raise water safety awareness to help prevent children from drowning.  Drowning is the number 1 cause of death for children under 5 and a leading cause in ages 1-14. 

Due to the pandemic and the daily changing situations that are caused by it, this year Colin’s Hope Swim is a virtual marathon swim, 46,112 yards.  With a deadline of September 2.  This is a real swim that each participant does on their own.

I have already swam 6,825 and have 38 days left to swim the remaining 39,287.  I need your help to complete it.  If that is through words of support, signing up and swimming it yourself or donating to my $1,000 goal, all help is welcome!!  I am excited to be doing this and hope you can help me reach my goal.

I thank you and wish you all the "Best Day Ever!


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Fred Huang 08/22/2020 $51.80 Go Dave! You can do this!
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